A Productivity App that I Find Useful

If you’re like me and you’ve diligently watched all the productivity channels there are on YouTube; Matt D’Avella, Thomas Frank, Lavendaire, etc.

And you’ve brought yourself a planner, some cute reminder stickers, colorful pens, and a plain notebook to “keep it simple”, and abandoned it after a month. When it didn’t work, you tried to incorporate some productivity apps into your life by downloading apps like Notion, To-Do list, Trello to keep you on track, and decided to abandon it again because you wanted something simple to use every day.

To top all that, you’re an Andriod user. :(

After months of dating all kinds of productivity apps on Google Play, I decided to stick to Google Calendar. I decorated my calendar with colorful rainbows, a detailed layout of how each day is going to flow like, and realized I didn’t really want to check my phone all the time. And so, this time I tried a monochrome color scheme with only important deadlines. It helped, but it was not really what I was looking for. We lacked that connection.

All I wanted was a scratchpad to jot down what I wanted to do each day and not lose it. Despite my unsuccessful attempts in sticking to productivity apps, I do like the idea of keeping track of my progress.

Eliud Kipchoge, regarded as “the greatest marathoner of the modern era” also kept a running journal since he started. “I can look back at my training. I can look back, and I can be confident in going forward. I know what I have done. I can see it. I have written it”, he said in a Nike Run Club podcast with coach Chris Bennett.

But one day, after an hour of scrolling through the Play Store and downloading plenty of To-Do list/task apps and testing each one for a week, I found the ONE.

Drumroll, please! Tatadaaa~

Taskito’s User Interface is pretty cool, right?

Introducing Taskito. It’s simple, easy to use, and elegant. It’s a digital version of your classic notepad task list. It has a chronological time sequence for tasks throughout the day, and it’s not too heavy to overwhelm you. It has cute color labels and a clean UI/UX design. And most importantly, available only on Google Play. (for now, ha yay!) :)

For weekly schedules, I still use Google Calendar. For daily tasks, I find Taskito to be more useful. I can get specific and break things down into small tasks and most crucial of all, I can check my progress.

Note: This article not sponsored by Taskito or anyone. I just love this app and I think more people will find it useful.

Thanks for reading, Tata! ❤



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